Family Dentistry
A professional cleaning is a great place to start your education

It’s important for individuals of all ages to learn a proper maintenance routine that goes into maintaining a healthy smile. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Cleaning and x-rays
  • Gum disease prevention and education
  • Oral cancer screening when required
  • Regular periodontics exams

When your teeth need a little extra care we can help

At the first sign of tooth damage or a cavity our team will help you determine the best course of action. Your tooth may require a filling, or a severely damaged tooth may result in full extraction.

Fix your crooked teeth or misaligned bite with proper orthodontics

Orthodontic procedures can start early in life, and are still available for adults who want to perfect their smile. When you want to enhance your smile by straightening your teeth, seek our professional help of an exceptional dentist.

  • Traditional braces
  • Invisalign clear braces
  • Head gear and bite correction

A new type of braces offer additional comfort

State of the art technology brings new products to the orthodontic field that provide additional comfort and simple adjustment. When your braces need to be tightened or a wire changed, our team will have you in and out of the office in no time.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Increase your confidence with simple corrective procedures

Ready to show your smile off to the world, but still have issues with damaged or discolored teeth? Our team of professional experts has the tools you need to enhance your smile and correct serious problems.

  • Crowns and bridges fill in gaps
  • Perfect color matching for tooth fills
  • Veneers that provide perfect alignment and uniform color

Easy solutions can help you create a smile that will always be remembered.

You’ll always find a natural shade of white

When you are looking to brighten your smile, our team knows just how to produce a perfect white color that always looks natural. Whether you decide on teeth whitening procedures, or you choose a full set of veneers, your smile will never look fake or unnatural.

Dentures and tooth prosthetics can help you complete your smile

When teeth are damaged beyond repair, it could mean that they need to be pulled. Infections spread quickly in the mouth and without proper care additional teeth can be damaged as well. Easily replace missing teeth with solutions that include:

  • Full plate dentures designed for perfect fit
  • Partial dentures that replace sections of missing teeth
  • Implants that replace teeth after damage is controlled
Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth

Implants are teeth that are designed to match your remaining teeth and are a permanent solution that are implanted into the jaw line. Once implants are installed they rarely need replacement.

Teeth Whitening
Get ready to show off a perfect white smile to the world

When your teeth start to lose their white appearance there can be several variables that can cause discoloration. Our solutions take whitening to a new level, providing a natural white that removes stains easily.

  • Tray whitening solutions
  • Bleaching treatments that can be done at home
  • Multiple level treatment that takes steps to whitening
  • Shading to reduce tough stains
Zoom your smile white in just one hour

Zoom Whitening is an innovative solution to produce a high level of white, without time consuming treatments. Zoom takes about an hour and can significantly change your smile the same day.